About old Casa Verde


La Casa Verde came to us….We did not find her, she found us. Everything was magic from the start.

All green, towering above the street, just across a picturesque “taller mecanico” -an auto mechanic, with coughing cars, grumbling starters, deranged engines…-, with 7 rooms and a huge roof top terrace, and a luminous garage… There she was… LA CASA VERDE, thirsting to become OUR OASIS OF ART.

Ever since we arrived in San Miguel, in May 2008, we have painted, sculpted, welded, assembled, cut and glued, photographed…the “babies,” as we call our works, have totally invaded our green house. You cannot walk in a straight line!

And a green house it is indeed…each painting, each collage, each sculpture has become an exotic flower, surrounded by thousands of drawings like a jungle of forms and colors. Everything grows here…amplifies…fructifies…
We are in Heaven. Our artistic growing is dense, like a magma of images burning canvases, or any unimaginable substrate! Literally, hundreds and hundreds of works. Every day, every hour, something is being born at La Casa Verde. It has become an alchemist laboratory, a workshop, a meditation space, AN ART FACTORY!

Although we do not “produce” art, we “create. “ Big Difference! We are not artists turned business-men, where the packaging is more important than the content!

We are artists like gardeners in love with their earth. And La Casa Verde is our earth… Each painting, each collage, sculpture, assemblage, a work of love, passion, and not a “product” made to please a public. We want to touch each beholder, through all their emotions.

La Casa Verde is a gigantic surrealist bouquet of images, surrounded by the buzzing dance of the street. Ah! Those magic sounds…the music of the street… And those titillating smells…the perfume of the street…We love the street because it is life…and that art is life.
La Casa Verde is a home where we live; an art studio where we create; a gallery where we show and share our passion for ART.