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It all began in May 2010…From our wish to share our passion of art history, poetry, philosophy and literature.

When the weather is warm we organize our rooftop into a plein-air gathering, with chairs, benches, cushions, and a table with light refreshments and tapas. I prepare eggplant caviar with lots of garlic, plates of cut fresh fruits, various dips, pâtés and saucisson, and homemade lemonade with fresh mint.

When it is to cold we go down to the garage, which has been transformed into a gallery/conference room. 23 people can seat comfortably and spend an hour or more, listening to our stories.

Yes. Our lectures are more like story telling performances. We do not read, we tell…with impersonations and almost theatrical renderings of artists and authors’ thoughts. After the “lecture” we engage in a discussion which widens even more our dialogue about creativity.


In Art History, so far, we have shared the lives and works of Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec, Picasso, Modigliani, Matisse, Braque, Fougita, Chagall, Kiki de Montparnasse.

In Poetry and Literature, Rabelais, Louise Labé, Baudelaire, Balzac, Zola, Marcel Proust.

In Philosophy, we have offered introductions to Jewish Kabbalah and Midrashic interpretation; cultural and religious insights into the power of Love and Compassion; the Symbolism of Midsummer festivals in the world.
Every Wednesday at 4.30pm, La Casa Verde opens its doors to an ever-growing audience. We have no technological gadgets! No slides, no Powerpoint, just hand-outs of images we have printed for the occasion. And it works!  The way we tell the story brings forth another dimension of perception and understanding. It’s like words in motion. You can see, feel, almost touch the atmosphere of each epoch we discuss. People love it! And we love it too.
La Casa Verde is transforming itself into a mini cultural center where ideas germinate, knowledge is shared, and better understanding is anticipated.

“LOVE is a polarized word
conciliating the spiritual and the physical
harmonizing our dreams and our appetites…”

Click here to download Béa Aaronson’s lecture about Love and Altruism

“…For Balzac, the talent of the novelist bursts in the painting of the causes that engender effects, in the painting of the mysteries of the human heart, which are neglected by the historian.

Novelists actually believe they are better historians insofar as their comprehension of any situation goes much deeper that dates and facts.”

Click here to download Béa Aaronson’s lecture on Balzac – The Human Comedy, Part I